Aleksander, Slovenia

I would like to share my experience on how Sensitiv Imago Angel technology helped improve the health state of my daughter.
This is our story coresponding the use of Sensitiv Imago Angel for my daughter.
On 30.1.2017 she was diagnosed with the worst kind of thrombocytopenia with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

Normal state of thrombocytes in blood is from 140 - 340 x 10*9/l. Lower than 40 x 10*9/l is considered absolutelly critical.

30.1.2017 she had thrombocytes at 4 x 10*9/l with high risk of internal bleading and her skin was full of red marks from bleedings in the skin.
Afer 10 days in hospital and two treatments with immunoglobolin, she had 9 x 10*9/l on the 9.2.2017.
16.2.2017 she had thrombocytes at 12 x 10*9/l
23.2.2017 she had thrombocytes at 12 x 10*9/l. Her skin was like full of red bloody marks as the first day in hospital.
23.2.2017 in the afternoon we have started using Sensitiv Imago Angel in our home.
2.3.2017 she had thrombocytes at 32 x 10*9/l and red bloody marks vere dissapearing (10 day of use of Sensitiv Imago Angel )
30.3.2017 she had thrombocytes at 266 x 10*9/l. She was tottaly healthy with a beautifull skin as nothing ever hapened ( 38 days of use of Sensitiv Imago Angel )
31.3.2017 she had an examination check for her allergies that she was diagnosed one year before. All of her allergies (dogs, cats, egs) had dissapeared.

I and my family are very impressed and happy with these results.

Petra, Czech Republic

Sensitiv Imago Angel, this small frequency shiner is a great helper, not only at home but mainly at the clinic where I work. Since I’ve used it, I feel better, I feel much less tired during the day. I was able to see the proof of the fact that this device works very well, this winter when sick clients were caming to visit me, I was staying healthy all the time over 5 months.

I am very grateful for this device because they help us all and through them, we can help our clients in our counseling.

Jana, Czech Republic

Thanks to my own experience with Sensitiv Imago as a patient, I wanted to know its possibilities more deeply and so I became the operator of Sensitiv Imago first and then the supervisor. But this kind of work on a daily basis requires a proper energy protection - to help prevent excessive exhaustion and help create a comfortable atmosphere not only for me but also for my clients.

And I found exactly such a helper in the Sensitiv Imago Angel technology that can "cleanse" the working environment and, protect the body's energy field from geopathic zones and electro-smog, and also make it easier to conduct an organism‘s examination because both the operator and the client feel comfortable and relaxed.

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